Why LifeCaps?



Scott went 72 hours without any food – only LifeCaps™.

“It was the first time I have ever
gone 3 days with literally no food.
I had no hunger & felt completely
satisfied. I give it an A!”
– Scott, Arizona


100% natural, mild, & completely absorbable into your body.

Works with absolutely no stimulants.

Sweet to taste and great for all ages.

Convenient to keep in your car, your office or even your purse.

They simply WORK.




LifeCaps™ is the ultimate solution when food is not an option. Great tasting and simple, you can take LifeCaps™ with you everywhere you go.

Based on nanotechnology, we went a different direction than the typical meal bars or protein liquids. A small pill to keep the mind alert and body organs functioning was the most logical choice.
LifeCaps™ contains the ideal amount of nutrients, working together with our proprietary micro-particulate blend to create a metabolic trigger. This allows your brain and vital organs to utilize the sugars, proteins and carbohydrates that are stored within body fat for energy.

Not only will you be capture the power stored within your own body but your mind will stay sharp and rational, allowing you to remain calm and in control, essential in any life-threatening situation. Still Not Convinced? Read Our FAQ.


Consumers of LifeCaps™ constantly find new and creative ways to utilize the power of our product. Devout fans regularly tell us their unique LifeCaps™ experiences. Marathon runners report increased stamina while training, as well as during races. Police officers, firefighters and other first responders report that LifeCaps™ keeps them satisfied and alert when food is not an option on the job. Even busy parents can take the edge off hunger and keep their blood sugar levels from dropping. Because LifeCaps™ are safe, effective, and great tasting they are ideal for anyone of any age.

We invite you to put LifeCaps™ to the test yourself and see your hunger pangs ease, as your mind sharpens on the task at hand. Should the unexpected happen and food unavailable or rationed, you can always trust LifeCaps™ to keep you comfortable and satisfied. Prepare Yourself With LifeCaps™




No, LifeCaps isn’t really a meal replacement, but when food isn’t available these pleasant tasting chewable caplets can help you curb hunger, remain active and alert.

LifeCaps contain no stimulants and are specially formulated to be taken on an empty stomach. Whether you are stranded in a snow storm or you’re just too busy to stop for food, LifeCaps can help take a bite out of hunger.

While it was never intended to be a diet pill people across the country tell us they have successfully used LifeCaps to help control their appetite, reduce caloric intake and naturally lose weight.

LifeCaps also makes a great alternative to energy drinks, coffee or soda. When taken regularly as part of a properly balanced nutritional regimen many customers tell us they feel more alert and energetic all day and no longer need to take stimulants.

Try LifeCaps for yourself today! We think you’ll agree!

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”