Yes, after Daryl was on Shark Tank, but before the episode aired on TV for the first time, molecular biologist, Ned L. Jensen supercharge the LifeCaps® formula for us!

The new formula is now in a fast-acting chewable caplet. They contain a special form of Chromium for which Jensen holds five patents. It uniquely combines the benefits of chromium and niacin into a single mineral complex. Research from five clinical studies show that it supports many health benefits. Preclinical research suggests that it increases absorption and has been shown to be18-times more bioactive than other forms of chromium tested. Clinical research shows that the same Chromium in LifeCaps® helps support healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and weight management.

The new formula also includes Hoodia Gordonii Extract. The Hoodia in LifeCaps® is a pure, dried extract of this amazing cactus plant. For many generations, the San people (Bushmen of the Kalahari) have safely taken Hoodia to suppress hunger, thirst and maintain energy levels during two or three-day excursions in the desert.


“I have thoroughly analyzed and tested the LifeCaps Emergency Supplement for its efficacy in providing the full range of nutrients required by the human body in an emergency survival situation and have found it not only safe but entirely effective in its stated function. Every ingredient in LifeCaps is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Certified by the FDA and generally recognized as essential in maintaining proper nutrition, health, and energy. More importantly, the methods and preparation of the ingredients in LifeCaps is entirely unique and revolutionary in generating a complete nutrient delivery system easily recognized and utilized by the body.”

Ned L. Jensen – Molecular Biologist, President of MBi Nutraceuticals


Cane sugar has been one of the only natural vetted sweetener systems throughout history, used for many centuries. Sugar, specifically cane sugar, has the unique metabolic effect of transferring into blood, glucose or energy, through the human metabolic cycle within about 20 minutes of ingestion. It then creates what’s called a “hypoglycemic event”, or a ‘crashing’ of blood sugar, if it constitutes the only caloric intake. That’s why LifeCaps™ is so effective, in combination with water, in creating a sustained metabolic effect. Our natural cane sugar acts as a delivery system, transporting the nutrient values of the vitamins and minerals from LifeCaps™ into the bloodstream so the body can utilize them. Sugar in and of itself, like a placebo or sugar pill, would merely provide a quick energy effect, followed by an energy crash. That crash does not occur with LifeCaps™ because it is much more than a sugar pill. LifeCaps™ contains real, usable nutrients.

FDA Drug Manufacturing Standards

All 10Star products are only produced in FDA licensed Drug Manufacturing facilities, whose standard operating procedures are based on Current Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the Food and Drug Administration.

10Star ensures the highest quality nutraceuticals by applying drug manufacturing procedures to every nutritional, herbal, food, homeopathic, and personal care product we make. Our products are made from superior ingredients and formulated to ensure optimum potency.

Our manufacturer’s on-site laboratories are constantly monitored and tested by expert chemists and microbiologists to ensure consistent quality of raw materials, product batches, and finished products.

Vitamin and mineral analyses are conducted to validate the product content and specifications of LifeCaps, assuring high quality.



“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”