Q: Do You Ship Internationally?

A: Yes, we ship LifeCaps to many countries around the world. Some countries have restrictions on the type and quantity of products that can be imported. Before ordering, please verify that your country allows for the import of Dietary Supplements without restrictions. Orders shipping to final destinations outside the US may be subject to Duty, Taxes, and Customs fees. These vary depending on the content of the package and its final destination. Duty, Taxes, and Customs fees are NOT collected in the checkout process and are the customers’ responsibility.

Q: What Dose International Shipping Cost?

A: We ship via the United States Post Office and delivery to final destinations outside the US are completed by your local Post Office or equivalent. First Class International starts around $9.00 USD. Priority Mail International starts around $20.00 USD

Q: How Fast Will I Receive My Order?

A: We ship via the United States Post Office. Shipping times vary based on final destination and are not guaranteed. We ship orders within 24 hours of receipt except for weekends and holidays.
Estimated Delivery Times: (After Order Ships)

  • United States: 1 to 3 days
  • Canada: 4 to 12 days
  • United Kingdom: 5 to 14 days
  • Australia: 8 to 21 days
  • Most other countries: 7 to 21 days

Q: Are LifeCaps® Guaranteed?

A: Yes, the LifeCaps® formula is so amazing we are happy to offer a no hassle 90 day guarantee. Here’s how it works: Order a 60 caplet size bottle, commonly advertised as the “Trial Size,” “72 Hour Kit” or “Go Bag” size. If you aren’t satisfied, we want to know! Simply call us toll free at (888) 570-9370. Please tell customer service about your LifeCaps® experience. We will issue a return authorization number. Once we receive your EMPTY bottle, we’ll refund the purchase price (less shipping.)

NOTE: Our current return rate is less than 1%. 

True Story: A Customer called for a refund and Customer Service issued a return authorization number and issued a refund. But the Agent asked the Customer to keep the remaining caplets (It’s an EMPTY BOTTLE Guarantee) and try taking the rest “differently!” (See “When is the best time to take LifeCaps®?” below.) That was nearly two years ago and the customer purchased a 90 caplet size bottle every month until we introduced the new 180 caplet “Value Size” bottles, then they switched to ordering the bigger bottle.

Q: Is LifeCaps® Really a Food Replacement?

A: It was the people at ABC that first called LifeCaps® “Food Replacement Pills” on Shark Tank® But LifeCaps® are NOT a meal replacement! To truly replace a meal you would need a lot more calories, fatty acids, protein, amino acids and much more.

Q: Who Created LifeCaps®?

A: The LifeCaps® concept was developed by Daryl Stevenett while watching a tragedy unfold on TV. But as a musician with limited knowledge of health and nutrition, Daryl took his concept to a leading global product development and formulation firm specializing in new product creation. As a member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, specializing in nutritional and dietary supplements they were up to Daryl’s challenge! And soon the original LifeCaps® Capsules formula was born. During the summer of 2013 the formula was revised and updated by Molecular Biologist, Ned L. Jensen who holds five patents on the use, method, and preparation of Chromate GTF Complex which has been added to the improved LifeCaps formula along with other refinements to further enhance the effectiveness. The new improved LifeCaps® Chewable Caplets were released to the public in November 2013.

Q: Are there stimulants in LifeCaps®?

A: No, we don’t add any stimulants. However, after using LifeCaps® as part of their daily regimen, some customers report increased energy levels and say they no longer need coffee or energy drinks.

Q: Are LifeCaps® generally ‘OK’ for those on medications?

A: LifeCaps® contains a mild blend of vitamins and nutrients that are generally recognized as safe by the FDA, along with 21.5 mcg GTF Chromium Chelate, Hoodia Gordonii Extract and pure cane sugar. Though the risk of side effects, cross-effects or interactions with prescription medications is small; If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have medical conditions, consult your healthcare professional before taking any medication or supplement which might affect your health, regardless how remote the risk.

Q: Are LifeCaps® approved by the FDA?

A: The FDA only “approves” drugs, or “chemicals.” LifeCaps® are a dietary supplement and do not require “approval.” Most of the nutrients in LifeCaps® are generally recoginzed as safe by the FDA’s and actually have an established RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances.) LifeCaps® are manufactured and labeled in the US in complete compliance with all appropriate FDA regulations under dietary and nutritional supplement law.

Q: Are LifeCaps® manufactured to FDA standards?

A: All 10Star nutritional products are produced in FDA licensed Drug Manufacturing facilities, whose standard operating procedures are based on Current Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the Food and Drug Administration. Our manufacturer’s on-site laboratories are constantly monitored and tested by expert chemists and microbiologists to ensure consistent quality of raw materials, product batches, and finished products.

Q: How do LifeCaps® differ from diet pills?

A: Most diet pills are actually classified by the FDA as drugs. They may contain harsh stimulants, fat blockers and other chemical compounds with a very real potential for harmful side effects. Everyone is aware of the laundry list of diet drugs, such as Fen-Fen, that have been taken off the market over the years due to the extreme harm they caused, including death. By contrast, LifeCaps® is NOT a diet pill. LifeCaps® contains no stimulants and is considered a nutritional supplement by the FDA, not a drug! LifeCaps® is a mild blend of all-natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can be taken on an empty stomach. From a “diet” standpoint, LifeCaps ® are fundamentally different than diet drugs.

Q: Can one use LifeCaps™ as a multi-vitamin?

A: Yes, LifeCaps® is a healthy, effective, low dose dietary supplement and a great addition to a healthy nutritional regimen. But LifeCaps® only contains a mild blend of nutrients, not the high doses of nutrients commonly packed into a “one per day” type multi-vitamin.

Q: How many LifeCaps® should I take per day?

A: There is no simple answer to that question because every “body” is different. A few people take just one LifeCap® per day with water, milk or juice and report amazing results. Most people report taking three to five LifeCaps® per day to achieve results. It really depends on the specific person, their body weight, activity and other caloric intake. When taking LifeCaps®, proper hydration is very important! NOTE: Do not exceed 20 caplets in a 24 hour period unless directed by your healthcare professional.

Q: Is it possible to overdose on LifeCaps®?

A: Technically, you can overdose on just about anything including water! So the answer is potentially yes. Please keep LifeCaps® out of the reach of children. Each LifeCaps® caplet contains 234 mcg. of Iron. Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. Do not exceed 20 LifeCaps in a 24 hour period unless directed by your healthcare professional.

Q: When is the best time to take LifeCaps®?

A: Since every “Body” is different, there isn’t a one-size fits all answer. Many people find taking three to five caplets at a time, one to three times a day, works best; Others prefer to take one caplet at a time, but repeat frequently throughout the day. You can easily determine what works best for your body by experimenting. Regardless of when you take them, proper hydration is essential. NOTE: Do not exceed 20 caplets in a 24 hour period unless directed by your healthcare professional.

Q: Do I have to take LifeCaps® with water?

A: LifeCaps® contains dried, powdered ingredients. Proper hydration not only improves the effectiveness of LifeCaps® it’s essential to human survival. We recommend you drink water, milk or juice each time you take LifeCaps®.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”